EPIC Information for Race Teams


  1. All points earned by racers at EPIC events will be scored using the EPIC points system.
    1st-100    2nd-95    3rd-90    4th-85   5th-80   6th-75    7th-73   8th-71  9th-69  10th-67   11th-65  12th-65    Participation 60  (this includes DNF, DNS)     Technical DISQ     0 points
  2. In order to receive position points for each heat, a class must have at least one 3-boat heat at the event.  Should a 3-boat heat not occur at the event, the race boats will receive participation points only.
  3. Raceboats will receive double points for their final heat at national title events that are EPIC
  4. Hulls will earn EPIC points for each heat according to their respective official finishing position.
  5. Bonus points, 150,  are awarded for racers that attend all EPIC events where their class is listed on the sanction.
  6. All participating boats will receive points and are eligible for EPIC points funds
  7. To receive EPIC points, boats must be APBA members (single event membership is included)
  8. J Class EPIC points are awarded to the driver.
  9. Tie – the winner will be determined based on the number of EPIC events attended. If the tie remains, the number of finishes of first, second, third, etc., will be tallied until the tie is broken.

EPIC RACING POINT FUND –  The point fund is funded by event participation and marketing for other sources.    If a class did not support an event with at least 3 race boats, the event is required to pay only the boat fee and not required to pay the class fee.  The point fund payout is a percentage based on total class participation at all EPIC events; all boats that participate in EPIC are eligible for the points fund payout.   Point Fund Payout schedule:  1st place 30%    2nd place 25%      3rd place 20%     4th place 15%    5th place 10%

View the Point Fund

EPIC RACE TEAM REQUIREMENTS:   Display an EPIC decal on the race boat.  If other major sponsors come on board, additional decals will be required.