Wildwoods Hydrofest Cancellation

For many months, the Wildwoods Hydrofest Committee has been awaiting the completion of the reconfiguration of the streets and parks in Wildwood Crest along Sunset Lake bay area which is the area for the event site.  The Committee has been evaluating the impact on the event, particularly a concern for the pit requirements for the event.

Before a final evaluation of the area could be made, it has been necessary to wait for the completion of the work which included reconfiguration and narrowing of New Jersey and Bay View Avenues, installation of a bike path, and renovation of surrounding public areas.

The work has been completed and after much deliberation, the Hydrofest Committee has determined that the change­s along Sunset Lake bay area in Wildwood Crest has impacted the venue to the degree that a successful staging of the event in not feasible.  It is no longer logistically possible to accommodate the number of competing boats, race teams, equipment, trailers, tractors, cranes, and EMS vehicles so that the Committee can conduct the event in a safe and efficient manner within reasonable time and space requirements.

It is with sincere disappointment that the committee must make the decision that The Wildwoods Hydrofest, scheduled for October 3 and 4, has been cancelled.

The Sunset Lake Hydrofest Association, which has organized the event for the Wildwoods since 2001, wishes to thank the Borough of Wildwood Crest, Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement & Development Authority (GWTIDA), the State of New Jersey Department of Travel and Tourism, the federal, state, and local government services, and the area business sponsors for the support of the event.   Thank you to the volunteers whose dedication and enthusiasm contributed to the success of the event. Thank you also to the thousands of event fans for your enthusiasm.

Ann Fitzgerald, Event Coordinator, Wildwoods Hydrofest